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[S1E7] Speak The Words

Well, all of that business and drama leaves Rip to take care of the damn bear, then. He rides until he's close to it and then scares it close to a cliff. He also finds two hikers hanging off a cliff. We are left to conclude they must be some of the aforementioned Chinese tourists when Rip finds out the male hiker doesnt' speak English. He says he can help them, but he's got to lift them one-by-one. The male tourist, out of either lack of understanding or an excess of fear, tries to wrap it around both of them at once. Rip tells them not to. They do it anyway, and pretty soon the woman hiker has dropped and is dead at the bottom of the cliff. The male hiker decides he doesn't want to go on, or that it was his fault, or both, and pretty soon he's dead too.

[S1E7] Speak the Words

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At King's Landing, Renly confronts Eddard and offers him a hundred swords to take Joffrey into custody, but Eddard refuses to dishonor Robert's last hours by shedding blood in the Red Keep and taking frightened children hostage. Renly suggests that he could make a good king, but Eddard angrily points out that Stannis is Renly's older brother and the true heir. In his study he writes a letter laying out his findings to Lord Stannis and instructs a courier to take the message to Dragonstone, Stannis's island fortress. Littlefinger then arrives and talks to Eddard, who tells him the truth about Joffrey's parentage. Littlefinger suggests that they keep quiet, acknowledge Joffrey as king and make him their puppet. If he proves intractable, they can reveal the truth and crown the more malleable Renly instead. Eddard considers this treason. Littlefinger realizes that even though Lord Eddard has Robert's edict naming him Regent and Protector of the Realm, he doesn't have the men he needs to seize control from Cersei. He needs the loyalty of the City Watch. Littlefinger understands that the honorable Eddard Stark can't come right out and ask him to bribe them, but agrees to do what needs to be done.

Two Swords The Lion and the Rose Breaker of Chains Oathkeeper First of His Name The Laws of Gods and Men Mockingbird The Mountain and the Viper The Watchers on the Wall The Children

Josh asks Donna to find a translator so he and Toby can speak with one of the Indonesian representatives who will be attending the State Dinner. Donna tries to impress upon Josh that she is not happy with the Indonesians because they, among other things, "summararily execute people they suspect of being sorcerers." At the Senior Staff Meeting, the group discusses the upcoming Teamsters meeting, the hurricane, and the hostage crisis. Mandy tries to get involved in the drafting of the evening's toast - to which Josh objects, but Leo allows.

Josh and Mandy have a "walk and talk conversation" and then meet up with Sam, and Josh and Sam have a brief conversation about the toast. Toby finds Josh and they meet with the State Department translator who is to help them with the Indonesian representative. However, Mr. Minaldi (the State Dept. translator) speaks Javanese, and Mr. Bambang (the Indonesian representative) speaks Batak. Donna appears to say that she is aware of this problem but has found a dishwasher in the White House kitchen that speaks Batak. Mr. Minaldi speaks Portuguese and so does the dishwasher. So Josh and Toby will be able to converse with Mr. Bambang via English-Portuguese-Batak-Portuguese-English.

C.J. and Mrs. Bartlet speak about the vermeil - Mrs. Bartlet is not embarassed by it and "the truth works most of the time." Mandy is anxious to hear about the events in Idaho. Leo asks Josh, Toby, and Sam to meet with Carl Everett, a major Democratic donor. Carl Everett has brought a date to the State Dinner - Laurie. Leo meets with C.J. because the hurricane is moving out to sea - and the battle carrier group is directly in its path. Back at the Dinner, Josh gets word the hostage crisis is over - the FBI took the house, but not before the militia men shot the negotiator. Josh tells Mandy this and she runs from the room to be sick.

Josh and Toby begin their negotiations with Bambang in the White House kitchen. After a few minutes of intricate translations - Mr. Bambang replies, "Why don't we just speak in English?" Josh questions a sheepish Donna and she leaves along with the two translators - and Josh and Toby discuss a French poltical prisoner in Indonesia with Mr. Bambang. Mr. Bambang is in no mood to discuss the release of the prisoner, partly in response to Toby's toast, which embarassed the Indonesian President.

Carl Everett finds Sam (still being escorted by Laurie) and Carl discusses how "he wants to have a relationship with Sam." Sam snidely replies, "I get $500 an hour" a veiled reference of course, to Laurie's occupation. When Carl moves off to speak with someone else - Laurie and Sam have a conversation where Sam is very upset with Laurie, but she impresses upon him that its just her job. Mrs. Bartlet comes over and asks Sam to introduce Laurie to her. Mrs. Bartlet is looking for the President and Sam informs the First Lady that he had to step out to the West Wing. Laurie and Sam finish their converstation and Sam offers Laurie $10,000 not to go home with Everett.

The President and the First Lady have a private moment in the door to the Oval Office and then Leo finds them to say that they have established communication with the Carrier Battle Group, though the USS John F. Kennedy's radio has been knocked out but they have been able to raise the USS Hickory, a supply ship that supports the carrier group. The President is connected to a seaman in the radio shack on the Hickory and the two of them speak about the conditions that are affecting the carrier

During a break, Lorna encounters Carol DuBois in the ladies room. Carol has harsh words for Lorna as she criticizes lawyers. Carol assures Lorna that she will be at the trial to watch Trevor Elliott receive a guilty verdict for killing her dear friend Jan. Lorna quickly points out that she is not a lawyer and makes a quick exit from the restroom.

In Khazad-dûm, Elrond offers Durin III gifts from the elves in exchange for access to the mithril mines. He tells Durin III that he should not trust elves, but that he can trust Elrond, and goes to one knee before the king. Durin III speaks alone with Durin IV, telling him that Dwarves understand that all things must die, and that he will not risk dwarven lives to help the elves cheat death.

Thank you so much for posting all these quotes. I am a quote fanatic, have over 5000 written down, and so many of the ones here I did not have and very much love. Thank you for the addition to my quote collection that has become the bible by which i live my life and the words which describe my essence.

In the coffee shop, the crew waits in line to speak with the barista, Lysella. A woman in front attempts to order coffee, but Lysella kicks her out for having over 500,000 downvotes, pointing to a shop sign stating that none with over 500,000 downvotes are served. Lysella finds John attractive and gives him an upvote by pressing the upward arrow on his Vote Badge. The crew realizes that votes act as a social currency in this society and the more up votes one has the more well received, but the more down votes they can be isolated & discriminated against.

Jinx arrives in the wake of the false firelights, which were apparently by her design. With her shock pistol, she executes a struggling enforcer. Many others lay dead. Caitlyn attempts to stand, but her leg is wounded. Marcus begins to speak and dies mid-sentence. Vi rushes to Caitlyn's side and helps her to her feet. Jinx retrieves the canister and slings it over her shoulder. Upon seeing Vi and Caitlyn, she is enraged, believing Caitlyn to be a corrupting influence bent on turning Vi against her. She fires Pow-Pow at the pair, forcing them to jump out of the way.

When a new customer makes Miranda realise she isn't cool, but she is young, free and single, she spontaneously informs everyone that she will go off to Thailand for a few days. To save the hassle, she instead decides to secretly book into a hotel down the road. She enjoys the perks of staying in the hotel and makes friends in porter Jason (Luke Pasqualino) and Colin (Dave Lamb), a conference organiser. After sneaking into her shop and flat, unintentionally ordering an escort (who turns out to be Clive), getting drunk after having a party and being confused for a seminar speaker, Penny, Clive, Gary and Stevie find out the truth about her holiday. The real seminar speaker then arrives and turns out to be the customer that started this mess in the first place, causing Miranda to jump out of a window to escape. 041b061a72


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