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Jai Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe Download 18

Jai Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe 18

Jai Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe is a popular devotional song in praise of Lord Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead. The song describes the various names and attributes of Krishna, who is the consort of Radha, the liberator of the living beings, the destroyer of the demons, and the source of all bliss. The song is sung in Telugu, one of the major languages of India, and has been composed by an unknown author.


The song consists of 18 verses, each beginning with the refrain "Jai Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe", which means "Victory to Krishna, the lord of Radha". Each verse then glorifies a different aspect of Krishna's personality and pastimes, such as his birth, his childhood, his love for the gopis (cowherd girls), his miracles, his compassion, his beauty, and his abode. The song also expresses the devotion and surrender of the singer to Krishna's lotus feet, and requests his protection and grace.

The song is very popular among the devotees of Krishna, especially in South India, where it is often played in temples and homes. The song has also been recorded by various singers and musicians, such as Gopika Poornima, Sri Lakshmi Video, and Geethamruth. The song has also been translated into other languages, such as English, Kannada, Tamil, and Hindi. The song is considered to be very soothing and uplifting for the mind and heart, and invokes the blessings of Krishna.

Here are the lyrics of the song in Telugu and English:



Jaya Janardhana Krishna Radhika PatheJana vimochana Krishna Janma MochanaGaruḍa Vahana Krishna Gopika PatheNayana Mohana Krishna Neerajekṣaṇa

Victory to Krishna, the lord of RadhaKrishna, who liberates the people and frees them from birthKrishna, who rides on Garuda and is the lord of the gopisKrishna, who enchants the eyes and has lotus-like eyes

Sujana Bandhava Krishna Sundara krutheMadana Komala Krishna Madhava HareVasumati Pathe Krishna VasavanujaVaragunakara Krishna Vaishnavakruthe

Krishna, who is the friend of the good and has a beautiful formKrishna, who is soft like Cupid and is Madhava and HariKrishna, who is the lord of Vasumati (earth) and the brother of IndraKrishna, who bestows auspicious qualities and is worshipped by Vaishnavas

Suruchiranana Krishna ShouryavaridheMurahara Vibho Krishna MukthidayakaVimalapalaka Krishna VallabhipatheKamalalochana Krishna kamyadayaka

Krishna, who has a charming face and is an ocean of valorKrishna, who is the lord who killed Mura and grants liberationKrishna, who protects the pure and is the lord of Vallabhi (Radha)Krishna, who has lotus-like eyes and fulfills desires

Vimalagatrane Krishna BhaktavatsalaCharana Pallavam Krishna Karuna KomalamKuvalaikshaNa Krishna komalaakrutheTavapadambujam Krishna Sharanamashraye

Krishna, who crosses over the pure and is affectionate to his devoteesKrishna, whose feet are like tender leaves and whose mercy is softKrishna, who has eyes like kuvalaya (blue lotus) and has a gentle formKrishna, I take shelter of your lotus feet

Bhuvana nayaka Krishna pavanakrutheGunaganojwala Krishna NalinalochanaPranayavaridhe Krishna GunaganakaraDamasodara Krishna Deenavatsala

Krishna, who is the leader of the worlds and purifies themKrishna, who is radiant with virtues and has eyes like nalini (red lotus)Krishna, who is an ocean of love and a mine of qualitiesKrishna, who is bound by a rope and is compassionate to the poor

Kamasundara Krishna PahisarvadaNarakanashana Krishna NarasahayakaDevaki sutha Krishna KarunyambhudeKamsanashana Krishna Dwaraksthitha

Krishna, who is beautiful like Cupid and protects alwaysKrishna, who destroys hell and helps the humansKrishna, who is the son of Devaki and an ocean of mercyKrishna, who killed Kamsa and resides in Dwarka

Pavanatmaka Krishna DehimangalamTvatpadambujam Krishna ShyamakomalamBhaktavatsala Krishna KamyadayakaPalisennanu Krishna Srihari Namo

Krishna, who is the soul of purity and bestows auspiciousnessKrishna, whose lotus feet are dark and softKrishna, who is fond of his devotees and grants their wishesKrishna, protect me and I bow to you, Sri Hari

Bhaktadasa Naa Krishna Harasunee sadaKadu ninthena Krishna Salaheya VibhoGaruḍavāhanā kr̥ṣṇā gōpikāpatēNayanamōhanā kr̥ṣṇā nīrajēkṣaṇā

Krishna, I am your servant and always happy in youKrishna, why are you delaying to bless me, O lordKrishna, who rides on Garuda and is the lord of the gopisKrishna, who enchants the eyes and has lotus-like eyes

The song can be listened to here . The song can also be learned from here. The song is a beautiful expression of devotion and love for Krishna, who is the supreme lord of all.


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