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Arm Of Revenge Re Edition

Pandora's Box was an artifact in Greek mythology which held all the evils of the world. While traditionally called a box, in the original Greek tale it was a jar. Its opening was part of a rather convoluted revenge plan by Zeus against the Titan Prometheus for stealing fire from him to give to mankind: Zeus presented Prometheus' brother Epimetheus with the first mortal woman, Pandora, knowing her curiosity would cause her to open the box. When she did so, it released all the world's evil, with only one thing, hope, remaining inside. PF666 Omen is the most direct reference to this. More casually, a "Pandora's box" refers to something that has many possible negative consequences.

Arm of Revenge Re Edition

Grendel's mother (sometimes called his "dam") is not as huge or as powerful as the son, but she is motivated by revenge. Her son has returned to their cave mortally wounded, one of his two arms (or claws) ripped from its shoulder socket and hanging, now, beneath the roof of Hrothgar's mead-hall. Instead of cowering in grief, the mother seeks revenge.

Kaneki has a relationship with Koma as colleagues, with Koma ocassionally mentoring him in making coffee and parts of the ghoul world. Kaneki also feels most relaxed working with Koma than working with any other members from Anteiku. When leaving on an expedition, Kaneki trusts him and Irimi to defend the last remaining base of Goat.

Upon Kaneki's defection from the CCG, Nishiki joins him in forming Goat and acts as one of his closest friends and allies. Kaneki trusted him enough to bring him along on a scavenging expedition that was supposed to provide food for all of Goat for a long duration of time.

Figures reporting the total pre-World War I Armenian population vary widely, with Armenian sources claiming far more than others. British, French and Ottoman sources give figures of 1.05-1.50 million. Only certain Armenian sources claim a pre-war population larger than 1.5 million. Comparing these to post-war figures yields a rough estimate of losses. Historian and demographer, Dr. Justin McCarthy of the University of Louisville, calculates the actual losses as slightly less than 600,000. This figure agrees with those provided by British historian Arnold Toynbee, by most early editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica, and approximates the number given by Monseigneur Touchet, a French missionary, who informed the Oeuvre d'Orient in February 1916 that the number of dead is thought to be 500,000. Boghos Nubar, head of the Armenian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference in 1920, noted the large numbers who survived the war. He declared that after the war 280,000 Armenians remained in the Anatolian portion of the occupied Ottoman Empire while 700,000 Armenians had emigrated to other countries.

Hey, it's me. Well, I was just wondering about a suggestion. You see, I was on Google searching for changes cut out of the DVD editions and one of the websites says that there were some rumored changes that were told before and they never got on the DVD. I'm not asking why, but I was wondering; could we add a part on the page that talks about Cancelled changes? If so, I have already made a prototype for the part:

Many changes were suggested for the DVD re-release of the Classic Trilogy. But, probably due to budget cuts or unnecessary ideas, the ideas listed below were cut out of the DVD editions. However, some websites say the deleted changes were rumored changes, making a possibility that some may be fanon.

A Guide to the Star Wars Universe has separate articles for each of its 3 editions and the Core Rulebook of the RPG has a separate article for its Revised Edition, so why don't the Special Editions of the movies have separate articles? Does Wookieepedia have a policy about this? NetSpiker 10:14, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

That blast scar has been there since the original theatrical release, but a lot of people think it's new for the special edition because their memory of the scene is based on the pan and scan VHS release, which cuts off the edges of the frame and makes the scar invisible. I'm 90% positive of this, but since I don't have any copies of the original versions in widescreen, I'll leave it to someone else to double-check.

The early analysis of the Disney + digital version of the films has shown evidence that The Phantom Menace is from the same base source as the previous edition on Blu-ray. There is some indication that whatever noise reduction was used on the Blu-ray master was not applied to the new master. It does not appear to be 4k, but an upscaled HD image. Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were filmed and edited in HD so they cannot be sourced from better masters than the Blu-ray was. They both appear to have better processing and look as good or better than the Blu-ray played on an upscaling 4K player.

Mayor Young and the school officials have tried to justify the sweeping arbitrary searches by claiming they have to clear guns out of the schools because of the large number of kids shot last year. It is estimated that some 248 kids who were 16 years old or younger were shot in Detroit in 1984 and 19 of these died from the wounds. But the government officials fail to point out that most of these cases involved adults shooting kids. Many were accidents. But there were far too many instances where policemen, store owners, and others gunned down kids for merely being rowdy or in revenge for some petty theft. One has to wonder what this country is coming to when the news appears about the 11-year-old who was mowed down for picking grapes from a neighbor's yard.

There is the famous evacuation of the entire urban population from the cities. Now the imperialist-sponsored stories about the brutality of this evacuation are not based on fact; Vickery's study presents a convincing case against these stories. Neither does the evacuation result from insanity. Whether one agrees with them or not, the Khmer Rouge appears to have taken their decision based on what they felt to be acute necessities in the immediate post-war situation. They appear to have based their policy, at least in part, on the fear that the U.S. imperialists may bomb Phnom Penh in revenge (this cannot be said to have been a groundless fear given the massive B-52 bombings during the war), or the fear that given the acute food situation in the country they would not be able to feed the huge urban population, and on the fear that they could not defend the new regime from centers of subversion that had been created in the cities. None of these fears could have been said to be absurd at the time. At the same time, we must note that this was not a Marxist-Leninist policy considering, among other things, that it was strongly biased against the urban population, including the urban workers.

MCEVERS: As Abu Sleiman and his fighters begin their nightly prayer, it's clear by the way they move their hands and position their feet that they're not Sunni hardliners who consider all other sects to be infidels. But to hear them talk is to hear them use nasty words about Alawites and about how they hope to take revenge one day. That leaves many Syrians to wonder: Even if the rebels do manage to topple the regime, what will come next? 041b061a72


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