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Plato Grishin
Plato Grishin


reallusion is a company that is dedicated to designing and developing eye-tracking and physiological monitoring technology that allows for the rapid evaluation of a users physical, cognitive and emotional state of mind and action. the expertise of the engineers and scientists who create this technology has been at the fore and forefront of technology in the last few decades. reallusion is a pioneer of this technology and is still at the forefront. scientists have discovered that certain elements in the environment may be used as tools to track or measure a users mental or physical state. these elements also serve as a good communication tool between man and machines.


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microsoft office is a suite of productivity software products developed and marketed by microsoft. the suite consists of word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database, as well as other applications.

it is an exchange for developing trading technical and financial analysis and investment policy. its headquarters are in new york, with representative offices and affiliates in other major financial centers.

xerox is a worldwide, b2b, and b2c provider of information technology products, services, and solutions. it is a global company known for its printers, copiers, and the internet. it has the largest product portfolio in the xerox brand family and has a corporate history dating back to 1888.

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