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Plato Grishin

Breakaway By Grace Reilly PDF

Freshman Jason Yeisley (Allentown, Pa.) scored the second goal on a breakaway from the Fullerton goalkeeper. He knocked it in with a minute and a half left in the game for his second goal of the year.

Breakaway by Grace Reilly PDF

Stony Brook pulled to within one in the 60th minute of play with a breakaway goal by Kerri McCabe, but the Red Storm sealed the victory at the 89:41 mark. The Sea Hawks defense was playing up in order to to tie, but Lisa Rinaldi (Montreal, Canada) cleared the ball over the unit to Carr. With the goalkeeper far outside the box, Carr took the wide open shot that Clark followed into goal, giving St. Johns the 4-2 victory. With the goal, Clark finished the season with a team leading 20 points (5 goals, 10 assists). 041b061a72


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